How to send a customer a review request


Go to your website’s 5 Star Engine form at this URL pattern: – replace ‘‘ with your actual domain name.

You should see a page that looks like this…

review request page screenshot

Simply complete the form and click the “Submit” button. An email will be sent to your customer, and everything else is automated for you.


Customer Landing Page Link

You can send your customers directly to your review landing page. Just follow this format: – replace ‘‘ with your actual domain name.

Landing page will look similar to this…

Review Landing Page Customized for Your Business



Logging in to 5 Star Engine

Login URL:

Credentials: You will have received your 5 Star Engine login credentials by email. If you need them resent, just email or call me at 608-790-4000.

5 Star Engine login screen

How to remove a specific testimonial from your website

Login to your 5 Star Engine account

  1. Click on the Testimonials link from the left admin menu
  2. Place a checkmark next to the testimonial you wish to remove (you can use the “Search testimonials” box to type in the name of the person who left the review to quickly find the review you are targeting)
  3. Click the Green “Actions” button
  4. Click the Reject from the dropdown menu
  5. That’s it. The change takes effect instantly on your website. Just refresh your web page to see the update.

Steps to remove testimonial from your website



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